Les Ateliers de Japon

Les Ateliers de Japon is a group of people located in Japan who are passionate about sharing various forms of Japanese art and culture to people all over the world. Specifically, Les Ateliers de Japon is committed to providing a way for people interested in shodō, Japanese calligraphy, to obtain an authentic work of Japanese art that has personal meaning to them. Japan is well known for the balance of tradition and modernity, of the ancient and the new. Here in the Kansai region, where the history of Japan began, one can often find temples 1,000s of years old next to state-of-the-art skyscrapers. Shodō is one of these ancient arts still commonly practiced in Japan today. School children and adults alike practice and take lessons in order to gain greater appreciation for their own language and artistic culture, and to express themselves. Working closely with local artists and artisans in the Kansai area, Les Ateliers des Japan brings this special mixture of new and old to create and source high-quality products. We provide costumers a way to obtain and admire genuine Japanese art that can have a personal connection and use to them.

The Products

Les Ateliers de Japon produces hanging scrolls and name seals with calligraphy based off of a translation of the customer’s name into Japanese characters. When these products are bought by a customer, our translators, Dr. Fujimoto and Dr. Ishii, will carefully convert the customer’s name into kanji. Once these characters are authorized by the customer, Yukima, our calligrapher, will artfully transcribe the kanji onto a hanging scroll using the traditional art of Japanese calligraphy. This scroll is then scanned and made into a digital file which is used to laser engrave the image onto handsome, square stones in order to create a seal. The seal, now having been engraved with the name of the customer, is placed into a hand-crafted, paulownia wood box with a vermillion ink pad. These are carefully wrapped and packaged along with the hanging scroll, then shipped world-wide. In our commitment to the greater spread of Japanese luxury art, all international shipping is absolutely free.

Yukima, Resident Calligrapher for Les Ateliers de Japon

Les Ateliers de Japon’s resident calligrapher has been studying and practicing calligraphy since she was a small girl growing up in Kyoto, Japan. Her mother originally pushed her to take up calligraphy in an effort to develop a greater appreciation and talent for art, but before long Yukima began to enjoy the art of shodō in her own right. Yukima felt that she had found an art form through which she could express herself and dedicated herself whole-heartedly to her studies. She continued lessons throughout her school days. Upon graduating, she decided to pursue calligraphy as her calling in life. Working part time jobs to support herself, Yukima continued to study shodō and make art works for friends and family. Because Japan’s work culture is across the board still quite male-dominated, it can be difficult for a woman to gain prominence and position in her industry. Eventually, after moving to Osaka and continuing her struggle for several years, Yukima was able to set herself her up as an independent calligrapher. Yukima is excited to join Les Ateliers de Japon so that she may continue spreading her love of shodō across the world.